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Dante And Homer: Relationship With Audience
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5 pages in length. When comparing the audience's relationship with Dante and Homer, one can easily recognize the fact that Dante reaches into the innermost soul of his audience, while Homer remains on the distant outskirts of his audience's existence. To say that there is a distinctive difference between the two writers' ability to effectively relate with their respective audiences is to say that each man's literary contributions are significantly divergent, as well. Within the confines of Homer's writing exists unadorned text; however, Dante's is just the opposite, leaping to life with virtually every single written word. Dante's success as a poetical writer resides not only within the knowledge of his literary craft but also upon his accessibility to the audience. The writer discusses whereas Homer's 'The Odyssey' composes dryly and without passion, Dante's 'Inferno' strives to address itself to a broader, more emotionally-based audience. No additional sources cited.
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Dante's 'Inferno' / The Characterization Of Dante In His Own Divine Comedy
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A 6 page paper dealing with the question of why Dante chose to use himself as the protagonist, and shows how the four levels of meaning in the story all come together in the characterization of Dante. Bibliography lists five sources.
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