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Francesca da Rimini in Dante’s “The Inferno”
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This 5 page report discusses Dante Alighieri's classic that tells of the poet’s journey into hell. The report focuses on the structure of hell and then examines the character of Francesca da Rimini who is in hell because of her adulterous affair. Her story gains the sympathy of both Dante and the reader but the point is that it is God who determines justice, not humans. Dante also applies a specific system of ethics to classify the sins and punishments of hell. No secondary sources.
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Comparing the Underworlds of Dante and Virgil
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A 3 page paper discussing the two authors' views of their conceptions of an underworld. Virgil's is merely the location of the souls of those who have finished with physical life; Dante's is the final destination of those who die separated from God. The similarities are more striking than are the differences, but then Virgil himself is Dante's guide through the underworld. As he is guiding another through a location he has already visited, it is reasonable that Dante's portrayal of hell is similar to Virgil's description written generations before. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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